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Thank you for visiting our wedding website! We are so excited to share the details of our special day with you.

After an epic proposal on the Great Wall of China, we have spent the last nine months trying to determine where, when and how we want to get married.  We knew that we wanted a small and intimate wedding with just our closest friends and family surrounding us.  So, we decided on a destination wedding.  Getting there was literally a journey. Because we love to travel and explore we researched a dozen different ideas from getting married in the Netherlands, Scotland, Italy, The Bahamas, Coeur d'Alene, Walla Walla, Leavenworth, Bake's Place and even our own backyard.  None of the options were perfect and as we talked through the logistics we found flaws with each of them and crossed them off our list.  We have a deep connection to Mexico and had memories of a wonderful and relaxing vacation together a few years ago in Cancun.  We love it in Mexico because we can unplug, unwind and connect, all at a much slower pace.  As we considered Mexico, we knew we loved the Yucatan Peninsula the best. 

So, in December we decided to do a short trip down to Cancun to check out a few options for wedding locations and a honeymoon.  We were pretty discouraged after the first resort and felt like we may be at another dead-end. And then we arrived at Zoetry!  I can't describe accurately how they made us feel but probably the closest description is to that of royalty being welcomed home to our castle on the sea. We fell in love with this tranquil and peaceful boutique hotel which centers their focus on health and wellness. We knew we had found our destination location!

Because the hotel is so small, we knew we needed to limit our group to 40 people and have extended personal invitations to those of our friends and family that we knew we couldn't bear to not have with us as we celebrated our special day and start of our lives together.  We can't begin to express how blessed and special we feel that each and every one of you is prioritizing being there with us and for us on July 22, 2017!  We know that sacrifices have been made and we are honored to have each and every one of you with us.

We also know that we have many more friends and family that are so happy for us and also want to share in our joy and celebrate with us as we begin our lives as Mr. and Mrs. McConnell.  We want to share our happiness and celebrate with each of you as well and will be hosting a fun summer reception on August 12th when we return from our Honeymoon.

The pages of our website have many of the details of our story, engagement, wedding and travel information. We look forward to sharing the "countdown" to our special day with you and to have our loved ones with us!